Do You Believe In Magic? – My Own Fairy Review

A little bit of magic has been taking place at the bottom of our garden. The clues began when a very special parcel arrived in the post and then we had a sprinkling of glitter by the big tree, followed by the appearance of magic stepping stones…..


What could be next? Ahhh, a beautiful magic door leading straight to fairy land!




We picked this gorgeous woodland-y door from My Own Fairy as it seems perfect for nestling at the base of our tree. the bright, bold yellow and little mushroom suited at outside fairy door but there are plenty of other colours and designs available that suit both indoors and outdoors.


To make things welcoming for our fairy we left out the magic door key and a few chocolate buttons in case she was a bit peckish after her long journey.





So now all we could do was wait. Would a magic fairy choose to come and live with us? Would she like the door at the bottom of the garden? Whilst we waited we set about choosing a name. Trickier than you think! We wanted to do the fairy justice with a spectacular name, after much deliberation we decided upon the amazing Nettle Glitterdancer.


The next morning we ventured down to the tree with excitement and trepidation. Would our fairy have visited? The chocolate buttons had gone, the key had gone and Nettle Glitterdancer left us a sprinkling of her magic glitter dust to let us know that she approved.


Fairy Doors are a magical idea and I had searched high and low for one that was suitable for outdoor use before coming across My Own Fairy. These gorgeous doors are £19.99 and are beautifully hand crafted from solid oak and then hand painted (it is recommended that doors that are fitted outside are suitably treated first). The doors come complete with a magic key and a bottle of magic glitter dust plus a ‘Certificate of Fairy Residence’ to be signed by your child and the fairy.


Fairy Doors open up a whole world of magic and imaginative play for your child. The magic spreads through the whole family and young and not so young will love the joy and fairytale feel a door brings. You can fail to smile at the excitement of a young child, desperate to see if their fairy has been to visit.


At the age of 2 Elsa is a bit young to fully understand the whole concept of fairies and their visits but I hope that by introducing it at this age we can incorporate Christmas magic, Tooth Fairy magic and even treats and rewards as she begins to understand.


The My Own Fairy website has lots and lots of ideas for magical activities with your fairy and even a ‘Parents Zone’ with handy hints and tips on making the most of your Fairy Door. They are also offering a free set of stepping stones with every door using code FREESTEP.


We absolutely love our fairy door and hope to get any years of magic from it. I’ll be buying a few of these as birthday and Christmas presents!


P.S. Apparently it is virtually impossible to get a glimpse of your fairy but this clever Mama used her amazing photography skills to get this snap of our fairy, Nettle Glitterdancer!




*We were kindly provided with My Own Fairy door for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are entirely my own.*

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5 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Magic? – My Own Fairy Review

  1. Kate, Baby Routes

    What a fun idea! We visited a fairy wood in Ireland recently and our daughter loved it to the extent that we have been thinking of recreating one in our garden too. We said at the time it would be a great business designing little fairy houses for home and estates – looks like someone else thought so too! #triedtested

  2. Colette B

    Adorable!! I love the way you added a bit of magic glitter before the door arrived 🙂
    I think I might have to invest in one for our garden!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested x


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