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Being almost 18 weeks pregnant I am discovering once again the joys of midwife appointments, hospital visits and the importance of carrying your pregnancy notes with you everywhere.

I am also aware of the changes in anti-natal care in the two years since I gave birth.

So when I recently came across Mama Academy on Twitter I was more than happy to get involved with the launch of their Wellbeing Wallets. The ‘Wellbeing Wallet’ is a practical and attractive zip-lock style wallet designed to keep antenatal notes throughout pregnancy. The wallets are printed with practical tips and advice for a healthy pregnancy and keep those key messages visible and to hand.




Not 100% on whether you can eat that cheese or not? The information is right there on the wallet. Unsure about calling the midwife? The information is right there on the wallet.


TV’s Dr Ranj has got behind the ‘Wellbeing Wallet’ campaign and the Mama Academy aim is that all maternity service providers adopt the use of the wallets by the end of 2015. In the meantime, if you are waiting for your area to sign up, you can purchase one of these wallets for just £2 from their online shop.


It’s a fantastic idea from a fantastic charity so if you are pregnant buy a wallet and show your support!






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