Pregnancy | 28 Week Growth Scan

During my pregnancy with Elsa I measured slightly big at 28 weeks so I was sent for a growth scan. She was a perfectly average size, it turned out that I had quite a lot of water. But as a result of this I was automatically booked in for two growth scans during this pregnancy.

The first of which was yesterday, at 28 weeks & 1 day pregnant.

This gave us another opportunity to have a sneaky peek at Baby, although the sonographer on this occasion was not particularly chatty it up for sharing.

But we saw Baby wriggling away, all measurements were checked & it is estimated that Baby is weighing 2lbs 9oz at the moment. This is bang on the national 50th centile & slightly below on my personalised growth chart. This baby could be smaller than Elsa?

The scan pictures we got are not amazing, but here is Baby at 28 weeks.


In the 8 weeks since our last scan we have made no progress with a name so I am hoping that by the time we have the next scan in 6 weeks we should at least have some potential names! Fingers crossed.

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