Pregnancy | 34 Week Growth Scan

The six weeks since the last growth scan have flown by scarily quickly & to think that it is now less than 6 weeks until due date is pretty terrifying. We really need to get sorted! 

So this was the last of the pre-booked growth scans. All is good with Baby. Despite Baby wriggling A LOT & us having to abandon the first attempt at a scan until it had calmed down we managed to get there in the end. All measurements are perfectly average and tracking slightly below average on the personalised growth chart that was done for me. Meaning that this baby could be smaller than the 8lbs that Elsa was. 

Baby currently weighs an estimated 5lbs 2oz which does put us on track for another 8lb-er. 

Because of the size of Baby there is a lot less room in there so the scan picture is pretty rubbish. 

I now have no more hospital appointments so the next time I’m in the LGI should hopefully be to give birth. Eeekkkk. 

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