Review | Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles: A cure for colic?

Ted is windy. And pukey. At times I’m not sure if it’s him or his Daddy doing the burps and trumps.

So whilst Ted has not been suffering with the crying & tummy aches associated with colic I was/am a bit fed up with being covered in freshly puked baby milk. The opportunity to give Dr Brown’s bottles a go came at the right time!

I have seen these before but never paid much attention as we are mainly Tommee Tippee users. And in all honesty these are not the most attractive of bottles out there.

But, who cares if they solved the windy-ness & sick problems?

The bottles comes with a tube & vent system that does something to stop things being as gassy. There is some science behind it here, but being a tired mother of a toddler & 7 week old my only interest is not how they work but “do they work?”.

The vent and tube system appears a bit daunting and faffy at first but after a few attempts it is very straightforward.  The main thing to remember when making up formula in these bottles is DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE. It will leak and you will be covered in milk. The exact opposite of what I was trying to achieve using them!

Getting down to the nitty gritty. Do these bottles work to eliminate wind and sickness? Simply, yes. Having been provided with two bottles to review I used them alongside the standard Tommee Tippee bottles. The difference in Ted after having a feed from a Dr Brown’s bottle was measurable.

Considerably less wind from both ends & minimal puking. No face full of projectile milk for this Mama!

These bottles are not a miracle worker, Ted is going to be a windy & sicky baby it would seem. But the Dr Brown’s bottles have minimised this and the improvement is hugely noticeable. I am certainly going out to buy more of these bottles to replace the standard Tommee Tippee ones we are using.

Dr Brown’s bottles are available to purchase here, starting at £6.99 for a single 240ml bottle.

*I was provided with a twin pack of Dr Brown’s bottles for the purpose of this review but all words and opinions are my own*

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5 thoughts on “Review | Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles: A cure for colic?

  1. Maria @ Surburban Mum

    These are great – I used these with both my boys and although they are a faff to put together and clean I did think they were worth it! Both my boys were windy babies and suffered from reflux so this really helped (as did keeping them upright for a bit after a feed and eventually baby gaviscon!)

    I hope Ted grows out of it, both my boys did around 5-6 months x


  2. Colette B

    Whilst I’ve not used these myself I’ve heard great things about them in the past. Glad you’ve found something which works for the little dude!
    Thanks for linking your review up with #TriedTested this week x


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