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Since Ted was born I have been looking at and researching  mattresses with a view to replacing the one that Elsa used with the cot bed for the last two and a half years.

I came across the Kit For Kids range of Ellergenic mattresses and they kindly offered one for Ted to try out. We were sent the Ellergenic Pocket Sprung Mattress, part of the Ellergenics range which is the first in the UK to receive the Seal Of Approval from Allergy UK.

This prestigious award has been given because this unique range of mattresses reduces the presence of yeast, fungi and most importantly, dust house mites.  The mattress core is sealed, preventing the transmission of fluids into the core or microbes out. And because it is sealed the mattress can be washed in the bath or completely hosed down. Perfect for the dreaded poo-explosion situation we have all had to deal with.




At 8 weeks old Ted is still in his moses basket in our bedroom on a night but I have been putting him down in his cot bed for a nap to allow him to get used to his surroundings before we do eventually move him. He seems very comfortable in this mattress. It is lovely and firm and the removable (washable!) covering gives a slight ‘spongy’ feel which I would like to lie down on!

Another huge bonus for me personally is that Kit For Kids are supporting The Lullaby Trust with this range of mattresses. £2 from the purchase of every Ellergenics mattress is donated to The Lullaby Trust, supporting their research into SIDS and supporting the families affected by it.

The mattress can be purchased here and retails at £189.95.

Kit For Kids also sent Ted a lovely sleeping bag to try from their By Carla range.



This is a fantastic quality sleeping bag, with the handy addition of detachable sleeves. This is perfect if you put baby to sleep in just a vest or bodysuit. It is also helpful if you are putting baby in the sleeping bag whilst out and about. The sleeves can easily be detached when putting baby to bed so they do not overheat.

My favourite feature of this sleeping bag is that the zip fastens in the opposite direction to most other sleeping bags I have seen. It opens from the bottom, up the side. This gives easy access for night time nappy changes rather than having to disturb baby further by removing the whole bag. I love anything that makes it as easy as possible to get back to sleep quickly during those night time feeds!

This By Carla Lazy Days sleeping bag can be purchased here and retails at £12.95.


*We were sent the Kit For Kids Ellergenics mattress and By Carla sleeping bag for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.*

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2 thoughts on “Review | Kit For Kids Ellergenic Pocket Sprung Mattress

  1. kelly finn

    Awww Ted looks so teeny tiny in his big boy cot! Fab review, I love that they work alongside the lullaby trust. Super cute sleeping bag too, I’m off to check them out. X


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