Ted’s Birth – Blink & You’ll Miss It

So 12 weeks after Ted was born I thought I should finally get round to writing this down before I forget.

Monday 6th April 2015 – Easter Monday
I woke at around 2.45am for my regular early hours toilet trip. On my way back to the bedroom after paying a visit I could feel a trickle down my leg. I momentarily wondered if I had got the point in pregnancy where I had lost all bladder control but I quickly realised that my waters had broken. This was different to my experience with Elsa where my waters broke with a mighty gush.

As I had no pains at all I expected that, like my previous experience, I was in for the long haul so I went back to bed and back to sleep.

Elsa woke me at 4am with a request for a drink (!) so after I put her back to bed I told S I thought we would be having a baby that day. His face was a picture given that it was 10 days before due date.
After speaking to the hospital, we went down at 8.30am for them to check me over. After monitoring the baby’s heartbeat for 10 minutes I was given the option of staying there & going on the drop to get contractions going or going home to wait for things to happen.

Wanting as little medical intervention as possible I opted to go back home. Plus I had my grocery shopping due to arrive between 12noon and 2pm!

Back at home I pottered around, packed my business parcels, bounced on the ball and had another shower. At about 11am things had cranked up enough for me to take a couple of paracetamol. Things then began to move quite quickly with contractions being intense but fairly short and not consistent. The gap between contractions was varying from 2 and a half minutes to seven minutes.

At 1pm I decided that I should think about making a move. But the bloody shopping still had not arrived. And the week would be thrown into chaos without the Asda shop.

At 2.06pm we left for the LGI. I was examined in the Maternity Assessment Ward at 2.50pm where they told me I was 6-7cm dilated. I could have kissed those midwives. Then everyone jumped into action. I was bundled into a wheelchair and raced down the corridor towards delivery.

On the way I was asked what kind of birth I fancied. This was a bit of a novelty after being strapped to a monitor and on my back for hours and hours with Elsa.

“Was a birthing pool available?” I enquired. “Get that water running” they shouted ahead.


We got the Myleene Klass Suite. All mood lighting and a massive pool. Unfortunately we didn’t spot the mood lighting until several hours after Ted’s birth.

There was a dribble of water in the pool when we got there but I dived in anyway. Being on all fours in a virtually empty birthing pool whilst mooing like a cow is not the most elegant way to be. But dignity and the rest of it goes out of the window when there is a human being trying to get out of you.

The midwife kept emphasising to me not to push yet. What was this woman talking about? I was only 6-7 cm dilated, I had hours yet. Approximately 3 minutes later the urge to push was overwhelming. It’s mad. Having had an epidural for Elsa’s birth I never felt the pushing urges. This time I never made a concious decision to push Ted out, my body just did it.

Within a couple of contractions Ted’s head was out. And then you have the most surreal few minutes of your life where you are just hanging about waiting with a baby’s head between your legs.

Then he was here. At 3.21pm, Ted arrived.


I picked him out of the water and we sat for a few minutes before S cut the cord.

Ted was born about 50 minutes after arriving at the LGI and 20 minutes after getting in the birthing pool. It wasn’t even half full! To be honest it was all pretty easy. Not to say that it wasn’t painful, but it was all so quick this time and it only took a couple of big pushes to get him out. All in all I only had any pain for about 4 hours.

This was exactly the birth I had hoped for but had feared that I wouldn’t get after my previous experience. I cannot recommend a water birth enough and I also highly recommend acupuncture to shorten labour and avoid going overdue. But that’s another story!


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2 thoughts on “Ted’s Birth – Blink & You’ll Miss It

  1. Ruth Robinson

    Love hearing positive birth stories! Glad yours was just how you wanted it to be. It’s funny reading it as it’s pretty much identical to my birth with Ben, and my first was very drawn out and an epidural. Good to have had two different experiences I reckon! Congrats again xx


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