What Elsa & Ted Wore | Q1 2016

So we are already a quarter of the way through 2016. Once again, time is whizzing by too fast. Here we have some of Elsa & Ted’s favourite outfit so far this year.



We are not normally huge fans of yellow in this house. Mainly because I have a tendancy to turn it a mucky colour when I wash it. But Elsa & Ted seem to have been wearing quite a bit of yellow lately.

1 Our best buy of the Winter was the Maxomorra cars fleece. It’s been perfect for babywearing, thin enough to wear in the car but cosy enough for snowy days. The awesome coordinating hat is by the very lovely SoSatsuma who knit the most amazing hats, scarves and many other things.

2. Buzzzzz buzzzzzz. This bumble bee look went down a storm at Nursery. Elsa is wearing an Oh Baby London dress with Country Kids Marigold tights.

3. Twinning in Maxomorra polar bears. I love twinning. Elsa is wearing a Little Bird By Jools knitted waistcoat with her dress.

4. Vintage L’asticot for Nursery, Elsa? Well, why not?! This L’asticot dress was bought preloved but the quality is amazing.


5. We love Little Bird By Jools for bringing affordable unisex colour to the high street. I originally only bought the striped tank top for Ted but then Elsa wanted one too. We have loved and worn them so much that I bought the next sizes for next Winter. Although this does mean that Ted will have four of them to get through and will be wearing this tank top every year until he is 5!

6. Maxomorra velour. I blooming love the stuff. It is a wardrobe staple now and Ted is wearing my favourite colour, petrol. With a lovely More Than A Fling football vest.

7. More Maxomorra velour. Bright orange for Elsa this time. The lengths I went to to get this dress. Because orange is Elsa’s favourite colour. She mentions that at least 20 times a day.

8. Fantastic Mr Fox is on the loose. Twinning in Maxomorra foxes, Elsa’s dress is from Uni & Jack and Ted’s top is from Tantrums.



9. Bananas for bananas. This Indikidual jacket from KyNa Boutique is just amazing. I wish I had got the next size though as it is a bit snug on Ted’s chubby arms. But I have heard a rumour of a banana parka for Winter so all is not lost!

10. You can never wrong with hand knit tank top by Granny. And she pulled out all the stops with this rainbow stripy tank top. And what could go better with it than Slugs & Snails Drop tights. Understated as always!!

11. Meet the veggies! These two are totally rocking the Duns Sweden vegetables. Both the dress and the trousers are from Uni & Jack. I love Duns Sweden and I always find that I am not initially overwhelmed with the prints but they are so much more beautiful and vibrant in real life. Try them, you’ll love them!

12. And finally we have Elsa in another of the new style twirly dresses from Maxomorra. This is from Tantrums again and Elsa is wearing matching knickers. That’s fancy!



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