A Mama To Two: One Year In



It is almost one year since Ted took me from a Mama of one wild toddler in to the brand new territory of motherhood to two children.

How did this happen? Surely only yesterday I was solo back packing around Australia, having wild nights out at Uni and having multiple holidays per year. I am not old enough or wise enough to parent two children!

This year has been challenging to say the least. Having had an easy baby in Elsa I expected much the same and to take having two children in my stride.

Ted had other ideas.

His entrance to the world could not have been more different to Elsa’s, calm, quick, dare I say easy! However as a baby he has also been the complete opposite. A terrible sleeper, clingy, in need of a dummy to stop the constant feeding.

I have learnt a few things over the last year that have made my life a little bit easier:

Organisation is key

With Elsa starting nursery school in January I need to have two children up, fed and dressed promptly on a morning. Most Mama’s appear to take this in their stride but I am not great at getting myself up on a morning, let alone two small people. Laying out clothes, bags, having sandwiches made the night before is the only way I have managed to be nearly on time. Basically do as much as possible so that breakfast can be thrown at them & then shoehorn them into clean clothes as quickly as possible.


You do get used to the lack of sleep

We all expect a lack of sleep after having a baby. We don’t necessarily expect no sleep for weeks followed by a few hours sleep a night for months. By the time Ted was 4 months old I was averaging 5 hours sleep a day. This is not enough for me. But there comes a point where you seem to move past the tiredness. You gradually become used to less sleep and begin to function better. This is not to say you are not knackered but you do become able to manage.


Choose your battles

I have 3 year old. Every day there is a battle about something but there would be infinitely more if I didn’t let some things go. I am not saying you can be totally slack but weighing up the necessity of arguing over something relatively minor has helped a lot.


Never say no to a cup of tea

No more needs to be said about this really. I go to Baby & Toddler playgroups purely because I will get a cup of tea there.


Going from one to two has been a far bigger shock for me than going from none to one. With your first baby you can still be very selfish. There is only the two of you to think about so if you want to stay in bed all day you can do. Not so much when number 2 comes along. But obviously I wouldn’t change anything. Well…maybe the the sleep thing!



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2 thoughts on “A Mama To Two: One Year In

  1. Emma

    I’m nearly 5 weeks in and still muddling through. Now I wonder why I ever found one baby hard! Juggling a 2 year old and newborn is far tougher! Bath and bed has to be the hardest especially as it’s Phoebe’s witching hour (also known as three hours of refusing to sleep!!!). Lovely to read about you a year on!

    1. Claire Preest Post author

      Good luck! I don’t think it ever stops being hard. I am looking forward to the day I can wake up feeling refreshed though!


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