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Review | The Baby Swimming Shop



Summer is here and with the ‘Big School Holidays’ looming we will all be spending our long hot days outside, basking in the glorious sunshine… Oh wait, this is Britain, famed for it’s grey, wet and this year, decidedly unpredictable weather. But we will surely make the most of it anyway…

So when The Baby Swimming Shop contacted me about some swimwear for Elsa & Ted I opted to try out a couple of Platypus Australia UPF50+ suits in the hope that we might actually get some sunshine.


Sun safe swimwear is perfect for us, ultimately I like my life to be as easy as possible so whether in this country or abroad having UPF50+ inbuilt in the swimming gear means I can be sure that those bits of the children are safely covered. The less room for error the better as far as I am concerned.


The Baby Swim Shop is a new online webshop offering a full range of children’s swimwear. They cater from babies up to age 11 and stock everything you could need for swimming at your local pool, swimming lessons to seaside holidays.


Before placing my order on the website I had a few queries and they we answered speedily and concisely. The website is clear and well organised with lots of hints and tips for sun and water safety. My order also shipped quickly and arrived within a couple of days.


Elsa, who knows her own mind and what she wants to wear these days, opted for the Platypus Australia Bloom UPF50+ Fitted Short Sleeve Rash Vest with Boyleg set. This compromises a short sleeved rash vest and coordinating shorts. We opted for age 3-4y as the next size up is 5-6y but in hindsight we should have gone bigger. I would recommend sizing up if you are unsure.

PicMonkey CollageI went for the Platypus Australia Regatta UPF50+ Baby Sunsuit for Ted and given that he is a bit of a chunk, I went for the 18-24m size. This was the right choice, again I would recommend sizing up if you want the to last.


Elsa’s Bloom set costs £34.95 and Ted’s Regatta one piece is £28.95. The Baby Swimming Shop offers free UK postage on orders over £50. Pop on over and have a browse at all the fabulous swimming gear on offer. If you do it with a cocktail in hand you may even feel like you’re on holiday (use your imagination!).



*The Baby Swimming Shop kindly sent the swimwear for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.*

What Elsa & Ted Wore | Q1 2016

So we are already a quarter of the way through 2016. Once again, time is whizzing by too fast. Here we have some of Elsa & Ted’s favourite outfit so far this year.



We are not normally huge fans of yellow in this house. Mainly because I have a tendancy to turn it a mucky colour when I wash it. But Elsa & Ted seem to have been wearing quite a bit of yellow lately.

1 Our best buy of the Winter was the Maxomorra cars fleece. It’s been perfect for babywearing, thin enough to wear in the car but cosy enough for snowy days. The awesome coordinating hat is by the very lovely SoSatsuma who knit the most amazing hats, scarves and many other things.

2. Buzzzzz buzzzzzz. This bumble bee look went down a storm at Nursery. Elsa is wearing an Oh Baby London dress with Country Kids Marigold tights.

3. Twinning in Maxomorra polar bears. I love twinning. Elsa is wearing a Little Bird By Jools knitted waistcoat with her dress.

4. Vintage L’asticot for Nursery, Elsa? Well, why not?! This L’asticot dress was bought preloved but the quality is amazing.


5. We love Little Bird By Jools for bringing affordable unisex colour to the high street. I originally only bought the striped tank top for Ted but then Elsa wanted one too. We have loved and worn them so much that I bought the next sizes for next Winter. Although this does mean that Ted will have four of them to get through and will be wearing this tank top every year until he is 5!

6. Maxomorra velour. I blooming love the stuff. It is a wardrobe staple now and Ted is wearing my favourite colour, petrol. With a lovely More Than A Fling football vest.

7. More Maxomorra velour. Bright orange for Elsa this time. The lengths I went to to get this dress. Because orange is Elsa’s favourite colour. She mentions that at least 20 times a day.

8. Fantastic Mr Fox is on the loose. Twinning in Maxomorra foxes, Elsa’s dress is from Uni & Jack and Ted’s top is from Tantrums.



9. Bananas for bananas. This Indikidual jacket from KyNa Boutique is just amazing. I wish I had got the next size though as it is a bit snug on Ted’s chubby arms. But I have heard a rumour of a banana parka for Winter so all is not lost!

10. You can never wrong with hand knit tank top by Granny. And she pulled out all the stops with this rainbow stripy tank top. And what could go better with it than Slugs & Snails Drop tights. Understated as always!!

11. Meet the veggies! These two are totally rocking the Duns Sweden vegetables. Both the dress and the trousers are from Uni & Jack. I love Duns Sweden and I always find that I am not initially overwhelmed with the prints but they are so much more beautiful and vibrant in real life. Try them, you’ll love them!

12. And finally we have Elsa in another of the new style twirly dresses from Maxomorra. This is from Tantrums again and Elsa is wearing matching knickers. That’s fancy!



Elsa & Ted’s Festive Wardrobe 2015 #1



It’s that time of year again…


The time where I go ridiculously overboard on festive outfits. But you can only do it once a year so here goes with the first edition of Elsa & Ted’s Festive Wardrobe 2015.



Starting off subtle for Ted in beautiful Stag dungarees, handmade for us by The Princess & The Frock & available in our very own Florrie & Max. 



I do love it when I can hand clothes down from Elsa to Ted. They are wearing matching Oh Baby London fair isle but Ted’s sweater originally belonged to Elsa. However, she was 15 months when she wore it, this chunky monkey is just 8 months!




We love supporting working Mamas & handmade, both through the business and through what my babies wearing. And here we are combining both. They are wearing hand screen printed Rudolph t-shirts by Little Squish which are available EXCLUSIVELY in our little shop, Florrie & Max.



Penguin  Day! Who doesn’t love a penguin? Being a bit thrifty Elsa is wearing her penguin dress by The Princess & The Frock from last year. And Ted is rocking more hand-me-downs in the shape of this vintage Maxomorra penguin top with some funky penguin trews from Nutmeg at Morrisons.




You can’t get  much more Christmassy than our wardrobe staple of red velour. We have the Maxomorra velour in pinafore dresses for Elsa & dugarees for Ted & they are worn constantly. Elsa’s top is by Duns Sweden from Peppa K and Ted is wearing a Boots Mini Club knitted romper which I bought in the sales last year before I knew how would be a giant baby. It’s a bit of a squeeze.




Christmas Jumper Day – although ours arms weren’t long enough to get the Christmas Jumpers in! They have been a long standing tradition in this family with Daddy being a fan naff knitwear long before it was cool!




This Maxomorra Rudolph print is one of my all time favourites. Elsa’s dress was bought last Winter from KyNa Boutique and I managed to find the vest for Ted at Funky Rascal. With our trusty Maxomorra red velour dungarees!

Rudolph Rules!



Ted’s Togs – May 2015

Ted’s had a pretty stylish start to life, even if I do say so myself. My little chunky monkey is growing at an impressive rate and with the pretty lousy weather we have he is probably not going to be able to wear some of his summer stuff before he has grown out of it.

But fingers crossed for some summer weather.

Here is what he rocked in May.

May was looking promising as Ted started the month in short sleeves. These dungarees and bodysuits are from the Little Bird By Jools range and we have them in blue in the next size up!

Ted is building up a nice collection of leggings & obviously our favourites are our monkeys from our very own Itsy Bits Children’s Boutique. Leggings are so versitile, I’d love to see more boy leggings on the high street.

Ted’s lazing about in more Little Bird in the stripy babygro. An absolute steal on eBay & one of our current favourites.

Raa raa, Ted the lion. This super cute Lilly & Sid set is has been perfect for cool Spring days & we’re sad that Ted’s just about out of it.

One of my favourite brands is Maxomorra & Ted’s first Maxomorra was this sports balls vest, bought in a sale as soon as I found out I was having a boy.

Little Super Ted makes a pretty awesome action hero in his superhero babygro from Next. An awesome three pack, perfect for little heroes.

Twinning, twinning, twinning. I can’t get over how much I love the velour now. These matching Maxomorra outfits are from KyNa Boutique. I love this so much that I have bought the dungarees in a larger size so that they can twin again in the winter!

Ted is in pole position in more Maxomorra here in racing car trousers from Gemini Joe with a vest from Mothercare & hand knit cardigan by Granny.

All the colours for Ted in Maxomorra monsters. Love colourful kids!

And you can’t beat having a snooze in some Little Bird toadstools, rainbows & stars!

Ted looked a super cool dude in his braces top from Oh Baby London & more leggings from Itsy Bits Children’s Boutique.

And finishing off May with some more matchy matchy with Elsa. Everyone loves Maxomorra frogs!

Elsa’s Month In Outfits – May 2015

I’m back again with the outfit posts and in an attempt to keep up to them they are going monthly!
So May should be a month for cracking out the summer wardrobes, baring legs and arms and running round in the sunshine. No such luck. I have managed to sneak Elsa into a few summer things, mainly by layering under & over. So here goes her month in outfits!

Elsa started off May in Maxomorra Flamingos, a beautiful gift from Jenny at KyNa Boutique.

A bit more Maxomorra for chatting with Alfie the Boxer Dog. This time apples and pears leggings from DaisychainBaby with an M&S top.

The L’Asticot lighthouse dress was a buy from months and months ago that  I had forgotten about until I sorted Elsa’s wardrobe!

And looking like a bit of a tinker on this Tinker Tailor sundress from Lilly & Sid.

I am quite jealous of Elsa’s H&M budgie trousers. I would totally wear them & she rocked them out for lunch by the canal.

Elsa added a bit of sunshine to May in a yellow Bonnie Baby sundress with added extra large knee scab!

More gorgeous Maxomorra (can you tell it’s our favourite?) with the frogs. I love that Elsa can co-ordinate with Ted & his blue frogs!

You can never go wrong with a sleeveless denim jacket. Instant cool and a bargain from George.

Elsa & Big Cousin Lillia had a rare moment of affection at Grandma & Grandad’s BBQ. Made a pleasant change from the usual fighting. Elsa wearing toucans from M&S and they are amazing.

And finally we have the ultimate in twinning. Or should that be tripletting? What could be cooler (or more geeky, depending on your point of view!) than Mama & kiddo matching Slugs & Snails? Rock n Roll!

Elsa & Ted; Twinning Is Winning

I have long been a huge fan of Mama & Daughter matchy matchy so it was always a given that I would be twinning Elsa & Ted from the off.

The ever growing array & availability of unisex clothes is making boy / girl twinning even easier and Elsa & Ted have had some belting matchy outfits so far.

Leggings are perfect for a bit of boy / girl twinning & what could be better than these handmade The Princess & The Frock beauties from our very own Itsy Bits Children’s Boutique? This had to be my very first bit of twinning as I chose this fabric with this in mind!

This isn’t Ted’s best angle but the matching Maxomorra frogs are blooming ace. Love this funky twist on the traditional pink & blue. Perfect for matching siblings.

And more Maxomorra. If you had told me previously that I would love velour I would have laughed long and hard. But it is ace. Matching dresses & dungarees – what’s not to love?!
I don’t know how long I am going to be able get away with the matchy matchy look before they start to object but I’ll keep going as long as I can. I just need to get in on the act now!

Ted’s Togs: A Month In The Making

Shiny new baby Ted is now a whole month old. I’m not sure how that happened, it’s gone in the blink of an eye. This is especially surprising given that I haven’t slept for month! 
Here we have some of his favourite outfits from the last month:
At just a couple of hours old Ted made a fashionable debut in this aeroplane sleepsuit from Next. When I knew I was having a boy I was concerned about the amount of boring baby blue on the high street, partcularly in sleepsuits and other basics. But dig a little deeper & there is a lot of funky stuff out there which is very pleasing for this Mama. 
Every baby needs a beautiful blanket and Ted’s stripy Lilly and Sid number certainly fits the bill. Everywhere we go comments are made about the loveliness of it, including by the midwives as we left the hospital with him!  
  Marks & Spencer have some lovely boys clothing in at the moment including these sleepsuits. Part of the same multipack, who can go wrong with jungle animals and bananas?

The sun comes out & it’s time to get the legs out! Ted was feeling summery in this Mamas and Papas shorty onesie. Shame it didn’t last long & the shorts have been put away again!
I am beyond pleased that I timed Ted’s arrival to coincide with the reintroduction of the baby range by Little Bird. These retro dungarees are straight in at the top of our favourite outfits list! 

 At the grand age of one month old came the moment I had been waiting for. Dressing my two babies in matching outfits. I love it! They are both wearing monkey leggings from my very own Itsy Bits Children’s Boutique and I think they look amazing. Roll on more matchy matchy outfits! 

Elsa’s Winter in Outfits

So my good intentions of resuming the weekly outfit posts got somewhat waylaid by general everyday life!

Instead Elsa is here showing off her favourite outfits of the winter!


How can you got wrong with a wintery polar bear top & a tutu? Finished with Livie & Luca Queenies. Perfect for parties!


Penguins were everywhere this winter with #penguinfever well & truly reaching this house. A handmade penguin dress by The Princess & The Frock matched perfectly with Chill Slugs & Snails tights.


We are big fans of the Ava & Luc dresses so snapped up these two new designs as soon as they came out. Elsa particularly loves the Stegosaurus print as it matches her own dinosaur!




We love love love the new collection from Boy&Girls. These two lovely sweaters that we got from Freckled Frog have had lots & lots of compliments when Elsa’s worn them out & about.



My little Valentine in Maxomorra Hearts from KyNa Boutique. Maxomorra is always such lovely bright prints. Gorgeous.

Elsa’s 3 Week(s) In Outfits (Whoops!) – 7th December ♥

So…it appears that 3 weeks have whizzed past since the last week in outfits. Whoops. Time goes too fast. Here is my pick of the last few weeks.




1. Well, it is December so it is time to step it up with the festive clothing! Elsa is rocking this beautiful Maxomorra Rudolph dress from KyNa Boutique and playing with her elves, Noel & Belle.


2. Keeping up the festive theme for a day of putting the tree up, Elsa was super comfy in these Oh Baby London Fair Isle pants. They are a bit ‘MC Hammer’ at the moment, can safely day they will fit next Christmas as well!




3. Penguin fever has well and truly hit this winter and not one to miss out Elsa is wearing her Chill Slugs & Snails from our own Itsy Bits Children’s Boutique with a denim pinafore from Sainsbury’s and a mint blouse from George at Asda.


4. Penguins, penguins everywhere! Cream penguin jumper dress (who thought that was a good idea?) with perfectly coordinating Livie & Luca Petals.




5. There’s only one Elsa and this Elsa deserved a very special Snow Queen dress. No mass produced, naff polyester here. Elsa is wearing a beautiful handmade dress from The Princess & The Frock. Lots of compliments on this at the Frozen party we went to.


And finally we had a little photo shoot for my business, Itsy Bits Children’s Boutique. Elsa and her cousin Martha modelled our winter stock and below are just a couple of my favourite super cute images.



Elsa’s Week In Outfits – 16th November ♥




1. A very grumpy looking Elsa is showing off the first of this weeks outfits. She is head to toe in Skellywear clobber. The dress is by Maxomorra and the lovely stripy tights are Duns Sweden.

2. We love H&M organic basics and the sizing is very generous meaning that at 2 and a bit years Elsa is still easily fitting into 18-24m vests. Elsa has worn her H&M red vest with a denim pinafore from Sainsbury’s Tu and Brolly Slugs & Snails (from our own Itsy Bits Children’s Boutique).




3.  Rocking the Pudsey Bear look for Children In Need day Elsa is wearing her special Children In Need Country Kids tights from Cootchie-Coo, another Maxomorra dress from Skellywear and her shiny new Queenie shoes from Livie and Luca.



On Friday night we went to our village Christmas lights switch on. Elsa loved the fireworks and seeing Olaf turn the lights on and we got lots of compliments on our matchy matchy massive pom pom hats from M&S. The smallest size they do is 3-6 years so despite being only 2 Elsa sized up. The largest size they do is 10-14 years which this Mama is rocking. There is not much of me that is small enough to fit into something a 10 year old would wear! We love them!