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Review | Sledging Snow Fun At Snozone


So it’s August, it’s forecast to be the hottest day for 13 years, you wake up to a clear sky and bright sunshine. So what would you do? Well, we spent the day sledging of course!

In temperatures of 26C we donned our wellies and winter coats, gloves and scarves and headed off to Snozone Castleford for a chilly experience.



Snozone Castleford is a purpose built indoor snow slope using real snow to give an authentic slope experience. They provide first-class indoor snow facilities for skiing and snowboarding, as well as providing snow experiences such as tubing, sledging, and family snow play sessions.

The sledging sessions are for children 3+ right through to the Grandparents. You are given an aerodynamic sledge and sent on your way down the slopes! I was a bit concerned that Elsa might be a bit daunted by this but after need an initial nudge to get going, her screams as she set off turned to hysterical laughter as she slowed at the bottom and not so gracefully fell off.


We also spent time riding in the large rubber ring things and Elsa even made a whole family of snow angels. At 45 minutes the sledging session was timed just right. Long enough to have plenty of snow fun but we were just feeling the cold as the session came to an end.

My top tip would be to invest in some ski gloves. Elsa was just wearing bog standard woolly gloves and they got very wet and cold, which she was not happy about.

Sledging sessions at Snozone Castleford can be booked here. There is 25% off all bookings until 30th September with code SLEDGE25.

Snozone Castleford also offer Sno-play sessions for toddlers and children who are not so confident with the sledging. They can have fun in the snow, throw snow balls, make snow angels and a drink for the children afterwards is included in the deal. There is a free soft play area so it is ideal for something different to do with the little ones.

We had a lovely time in the snow and can’t wait to go again. Although we might try to choose a cooler day next time!